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The History of Watsonville Wetlands Watch

In an era of vanishing wetlands, the Watsonville Sloughs, one of the largest fresh water wetlands in the California Coastal Region, lie in southern Santa Cruz County within sight of the Monterey Bay. In 1990, when developers proposed to build 800 homes on the uplands of Struve Slough, a group of concerned citizens formed to protect this precious habitat. They were successful and development was stopped. Alerted to the almost hidden but valuable fresh water wetlands system in their midst, citizens of the area banded together to form the Watsonville Wetlands Watch (WWW). Our aim was to protect the entire slough system and the uplands that provided habitat for native plants and animals.

Since that time WWW has grown to an influential organization that has challenged wetland development and promoted planning and resource protection through a comprehensive study. WWW concerns have expanded beyond the sloughs to include an interest in all wetlands in the Pajaro Valley.

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Twenty Years of Vision and Action

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