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Project SEE (Slough-based Environmental Education)

California Standards-based High School Lessons and Activities

Since 2006, Pajaro Valley High School (PVHS) teachers and Watsonville Wetlands Watch (WWW) staff have been collaborating to create hands-on experiential curricula that use the freshwater wetland system surrounding the school and the WERC (Fitz Wetlands Educational Resource Center). Field trips, data collection, and interpretation of findings are a key part of each lesson plan’s design to provide meaningful experiences for high school students at all levels. These lessons are available here on our website.

Please click below to view lesson summaries and download lessons.

Project SEE has been made possible by grants from the NOAA B-WET program and the Monterey Peninsula Foundation. We are currently seeking additional funds to further implementation through one-on-one teacher training with this curriculum in other local high schools.

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