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Our Mission

Watsonville Wetlands Watch is dedicated to the protection, restoration, and appreciation of the wetlands of the Pajaro Valley, especially involving members of the Watsonville community and the students of the Pajaro Valley Unified School District.

To fulfill our mission, Watsonville Wetlands Watch (WWW) advocates for wetland issues, educates in schools and in the public arena, restores degraded habitats, preserves what remains whole, and fosters appreciation of the unique beauty and life of our valley wetlands. In cooperation with numerous other agencies, we support studies of and planning for these sites.

Our many activities are centered on the Fitz Wetlands Educational Resource Center (Fitz WERC) which we run on the campus of the Pajaro Valley High School. We conduct field trips and use our classroom/laboratory to help the adult community and students to understand and appreciate our natural environments, and thus become aware of the need for protection and restoration.

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