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Resources for Educators

The Watsonville Wetlands Watch strives to help educators access the necessary tools to get their students outdoors and to make their experiences fun and enriching. We offer free access to the Fitz WERC’s library, classroom laboratory, materials and field equipment, as well as online lesson plans. Click on the link to view a complete description of WERC classroom resources.

Wetland and Watershed Resources E-Library

Teacher at whiteboard in classroom
Downloadable Resources for Students & Teachers



Two students working in labWetland Stewards Middle School Lessons



Student group with slough in background Project SEE High School Lessons



Slough sceneLocal Wetland Related Links



Photo of sloughLocal Environmental, Agricultural, and Cultural Resources



Plant restoration on hillside bordering sloughRestoration & Native Plant Gardening Resources



Frog swimming in open waterWetland Research Link & Primary Resources



Student working at computerAdditional Wetland Links for Students and Teachers



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