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Join the Northern Harriers with a pledge of ongoing support

Pledge to make monthly, quarterly, or annual gifts for two years or more, and become a Northern Harrier, an important sustaining member of the Watsonville Wetlands Watch.

Northern Harrier

Northern Harriers receive benefits such as insider updates, special invitations, and discounts on whale watching and other local activities.  By providing a steady flow of resources, Northern Harriers become ongoing partners in our work; restoring and protecting the wetlands and providing environmental education for students and community members.

Become a Northern Harrier by pledging $250 or more in contributions each year, for a minimum of two years. Fulfill your pledge by making gifts monthly, quarterly, or annually. Choose your preferred option on our Donation page, and tell us in the Comment box that you are joining the Northern Harriers. You will receive your Northern Harrier pledge materials by mail. We look forward to welcoming you to this special group of donors!

Watsonville Wetlands Watch is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization