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Our Book: Watching the Watsonville Wetlands

Watching the Watsonville SloughsWatching the Watsonville Wetlands

An Armchair Guide to the Watsonville Slough System
by Jerry Busch

This award-winning book describes the mysteries of these unique fresh water sloughs. The body of the book is a series of nature essays by Jerry Busch. Jerry's lively writing is based on twenty years of observing life in these sloughs. The two introductory essays, one on the hydrology and geology of this slough system by Gary Kittleson and another on the cultural/social history of the area by Christine Johnson-Lyons, provide a historical context for the book. Woodcuts by nationally known artist Andrea Rich and photographs by six local photographers show the beauty of this little known area.

"Jerry Busch and the Watsonville Wetlands Watch have revealed to us a hidden and wonderful world in the overlooked Watsonville Sloughs. This book will, at once, serve as a great introduction and a motivation for visiting the subtle splendor of the wet world west of Watsonville."
- Mark Silberstein, Executive Director, Elkhorn Slough Foundation

How to get your copy 

This book can be purchased online now using the Paypal button link, from your local bookstore,
or by mail from the publisher, Watsonville Wetlands Watch.

Send a check for $16.00 to Watsonville Wetlands Watch, PO Box 1239, Freedom, CA 95019